VIP Bunch Red Tones

VIP Bunch Red Tones

There is always something to love about the colour red. It is the colour of the heart and the shade that describes love very well. We can’t agree more that is why we are bringing our VIP Bunch Red Tones to you. Popular flowers like roses, carnations, and gerberas are ready to flaunt their red hues in this floral ensemble plus the presence of cool, calming greens.

An eye-catching arrangement like this is made especially for moments that cannot be forgotten. You can send this as a birthday present or an anniversary memento. These red tones are can also be a charming addition to your home decoration especially when you are expecting visitors. It will welcome your guests with warmth and beauty.

If you are giving this as gift, you can complement it with our awesome extra items to make it more special. We have a box of chocolates, red wine, teddy bear, and balloons. You can also opt to purchase a vase to go with it and send it read-for-display.

This bunch is a no-fail gift; good feedback always tags along with this floral creation and you know you can’t wait to experience that yourself. Go ahead, order now!