VIP Bright Bunch

VIP Bright Bunch

You have waited for this for so long and now it’s here! All your desired colours reflected in a flower bunch is now on its way to your home and ever ready to melt your heart. There is something about colourful fresh blooms that boosts mood and inspires happiness to anyone who receives it. Grab the chance to spread happiness through flowers; you can begin with our VIP Bright Bunch, a special bestseller by our florists.

This vibrant floral ensemble is your choice when you want to express and impress your recipient. You need not be too familiar with flowers to show appreciation to someone; it’s your genuine intention that counts. However, here are some colour meanings to guide you when sending our VIP Bright Bunch.

In this eye-catching arrangement, we have red for passion, orange for enthusiasm, yellow for success, pink for meekness, and lavender for elegance. All these characteristics are captured in the most adorable flowers and foliage you can find - designed artfully by our well-trained florists who love flowers endlessly.

Add joy to this already cheery floral creation by including some of our extra gift items like a bottle of red or white wine, delectable chocolates, and a chic vase to go with the lovely flowers.