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This is Who Lily's Florist Spring Bluff Is … 

There are a lot of Toowoomba florists that do what we do. They share the exact ‘who, what, where and when’, but our agencies work with us for our ‘who’ and ‘why’. We are imaginative minds and creators with business sense and inspired outcomes, ready to link customers with what concerns them most – a total floral experience! And we devote our days by honing the tools of our floristry trade.

The team at Lily’s Florist Spring Bluff are a united team of thinkers and doers, whose Modus Operandi is: “If it can be achieved, then we can achieve it!”  

We have a reputation for creating experiences that are immediately compelling, but long-term engaging. Yes, we can create floral experiences that are tailored to your very own sensibilities. 

When you visit our website or store, you will be looking to experience something new and exciting. At Lily’s Florist Spring Bluff, we admire that and will try to craft something for you without discarding the crucial standards of beautiful floristry. 

And yes, we will drive to our limits by understanding where our customers come from. The presentation we produce will have that extra bit of polish, with a careful selection of fresh-cut flowers that will cause you to lean forward; to immediately catch your breath; and to immediately draw you deeper into that special experience you have longed for in a floral gift. 

We balance design flawlessly with efficiency.

Discover Spring Bluff, Toowoomba

Positioned approximately 15 kilometres north of Toowoomba’s CBD is the picturesque suburb of Spring Bluff, adjacent to the town of Highfields.

The building of the Ipswich to Toowoomba railway line began in February 1864. The development was undertaken in five stages, concluding with the segment from Murphy’s Creek to Toowoomba which was called the ‘Main Range’. This Main Range was viewed as being an infamously challenging part of the line to build, because of the steep gradient of the area. To put up with the slope, the track had to be stretched out by an extra 9 miles, costing an extra £100,000 to the Queensland Government. Around 1,600 men were involved in the development under the direction of Robert Ballard, who was the railway engineer at the time. The Main Range was the most important ascension on the Queensland Railway for 100 years and a major influence in the design of locomotives.

The initial train from Ipswich got to Toowoomba in April 1867, a meagre four years after the Railway legislation was approved by the Queensland Parliament. It took three hours from Ipswich to Helidon with the rest taking more than two hours. The principal crossing and watering station was Highfields Station, generally known as the Main Range Station. 

The station was renamed Spring Bluff in 1890 by Railway Commissioner Gray. The station served as a passage for dairy, timber and other trade for the Highfields area. It played a vital part in communal life, and was a significant hub for community activities after a dance hall was constructed in 1907.