The Joy Of Receiving Flowers


The beautiful scent that has the power to freshen up even the gloomiest of rooms, the beauty that lies in each petal or simply the fact that someone genuinely cares about you as evidenced by the flowers sent to you. One thing is for sure no one has successfully been able to pin point what exactly is the source of receiving flowers.

For the longest of time, women have enjoyed the great joy of receiving flowers but nowadays the number of men receiving flowers has risen significantly mostly due to the fact that courtship has grown so sophisticated that both sexes enjoy the acts of giving and receiving in an almost fifty-fifty chance. However, I stand corrected but I believe women experience the joy of receiving flowers at a greater extent compared to their male counterparts. Probably it is because of the many similarities that this fair sex shares with flowers; beautiful, delicate, sensual, I could go on and on as the list is endless.

Back in the Victorian era, expressions of love were rarely shown and a simple ‘I love you’ was really hard to come by. Flowers came to change all this and a simple rose conveyed a message so strong than any words could. The whole concept of wooing and courtship was changed as a result of flowers. A lady receiving flowers from her man was envied by many as it was a way of announcing an endless devotion to her. The queen, princesses, duchesses also adorned themselves with flowers as a way of enhancing their beauty and also as a way to sort of create a hallo over their heads like angels. They did so by creating a crown of flowers that they wore on their heads with flowing hair.

Roses were also very dear to the Greeks and Romans and they were associated with gods and in particular Eros.  There were special ceremonies that were organized where young men gave beautiful young ladies baskets of flowers in exchange for a dance. In most cases the lady one danced with ended being his wife. Receiving his flowers implied that one had accepted an offer to be betrothed. Flowers were however not limited to courtship purposes, Grecians also used flowers to congratulate people who had overcome difficult situations. In particular, victorious soldiers were adorned with wreathes upon return from battle. They had a similar notion to today’s decoration of soldiers with badges only then it was done with flowers and also swords.

 The Grecians were well sophisticated and also used flowers in ceremonies such as weddings, burials and also religious ceremonies. Flowers would be arranged on beautiful containers that were specifically created for them depending with the occasion. Weddings and other celebrations featured very colourful vases and containers and also very bright flowers, religious ceremonies also featured bright flowers, but mostly white in colour with glass vases while burials featured flowers of a darker hue in containers that were dark in colour in addition to the wreathes that were placed on the corpse.

Egyptians also had a great love for flowers. They were first used for decorative purposes in the king’s palace and also in homes of other people of power. People who presented the king with gifts of flowers that were tastefully arranged would gain favor from him and be invited to visit the king’s court. Ladies in the palace heavily adorned themselves with flowers. They did so by wearing wreathes around their heads, that is, for the queen, princesses and other respectable women. As for the employees such as dancers for instance, they used flowers to act as a covering for their bust and groin in order to make their dance shows more captivating.

Flowers were also used by the Egyptians for romantic purposes as the king initiated this by presenting the queen with a chariot full of flowers in public arenas that were arranged in wreathes and other beautiful arrangements by the best artists in Egypt. Consequently, his subjects followed suit by using flowers to show appreciation to their women or those they intended to marry.

It is evident that the joy of receiving flowers has been enjoyed since time immemorial. However, today flowers are used for more occasions than ever before. Today, the first joy of receiving flowers is tearing down the card to see who has sent you the flowers, followed by a gentle smile especially if they are from your special someone. Flowers, which are some of the dearest presents of nature are equipped with the ability to not only physically transform a room as a result of their captivating beauty but also to feel your tummy with butterflies in the knowledge that you are treasured and held in high esteem by someone.

From the moment a child is born, flowers are used to mark important milestones. Back in the seventeenth century, mothers would be presented with wreathes to mark the great role they had played in bringing new life into the world. The born child’s wrist would be tied with a ribbon of flowers to wish him or her long life full of great health and wealth. This was mostly common in the Chinese culture. Flowers in this era were not just used for aesthetic purposes. They were used for religious and medicinal purposes too. A combination of flowers and herbs was used in the Chinese culture to cure barrenness high blood pressure and to heal wounds.

For those who are not gifted with words, flowers come in very handy. All one has to know is what messages are sent by different flowers. For instance, roses are ideal for nearly all occasions, the only difference comes in the colour. Red roses are used to portray a hot and passionate love for the recipient; white roses are a sign of purity and chastity; pink roses show friendship that is intended to blossom into love; yellow roses represent pure friendship and black roses are used to cast an air of mystery about the sender. Understanding the language of flowers will definitely make you a sophisticated person as once in a while instead of conveying a message using words, you can do it style by using flowers and in most cases this always sends the message best.

The joy of receiving flowers is still a mystery and is currently being researched by a number of high learning institutions such as Rutgers University. The bottom line is that flowers heavily influence our moods. They have the capacity to lift your spirits more than anything not only through their captivating beauty but also through their perfumy scent. Before science comes up with a definite answer as to how flowers influence our moods, we can continue enjoying the bliss that comes with receiving flowers basking in the joy that someone somewhere considers us to be special enough to send us a great basket or bouquet of flowers.

There is no greater joy than receiving flowers from someone you genuinely care about and more so from your child. Once a parent receives a beautiful bouquet or even a single flower from their son or daughter, then he or she can rest assured that he or she has done a great job. The genuine smile of your child coupled with a beautiful flower(s) has the capacity to send you over the moon.  Likewise, parents should also once in a while surprise their bundles of joy with baskets of flowers. After all, actions speak louder than words and in this way you prepare your child for the courtship life ahead in that, for a boy he knows that women are very special human beings that deserve to be pampered and treated well and for a girl she knows that is beautiful inside and outside and deserves to be respected, treated well and lavished with beautiful things such as flowers.

When in a relationship in this day and age both the woman and the man should learn to pamper their mate by buying them a beautiful bouquet not just on special occasions but also spontaneously. For a man, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the joy in your woman’s eyes when she walks in to a bath filled with rose petals. Especially in this harsh economic times sometimes working from paycheck to paycheck, it is very important to pamper those we love.

Flowers are a special ingredient in many lotions, bath oils and perfumes. This is due to their therapeutic properties. You can therefore save yourself a few bucks by not treating your lady to a massage parlor and create an even more romantic event by strewing petals from the doorstep leading to the bath tub and finally to the bed that has been covered with a big heart of flowers. By doing this not only will you have a very happy woman by pampering and taking great care of your lady but the rewards will make the effort well worthwhile.

You can also spread the cheer by doing a random act of kindness. Have you ever thought of what kind of pain a cancer patient in a hospital is going through? You can use flowers to bring good cheer to patients in hospitals especially those who have been abandoned by their families. You can count on the therapeutic power of flowers coupled with their beauty to bring untold joy to such patients. You may not afford to start a charity organization but sending flowers once In a while to total strangers who deserve a good cheer will go a long way in seeing you change someone else’s lie.

Long distance dating can sometimes be very challenging as humans are in constant desire of close contact. Exchanging flowers plays an important role in keeping a relationship’s fire burning in that seeing a vase full of flowers from the one you love will act as a constant reminder of your better half adding to the fact that when you look at the flowers, what you will see is your love blossoming day by day. Do not therefore underestimate the power of flowers. Make this an integral part of your relationship at least on a weekly basis or every fort night. The amazing thing is that nowadays you can order flowers online and have they delivered jus\t about everywhere. Get props by sending a fresh bouquet to your love when they are least expected.

If you still haven’t found that special someone that doesn’t mean that you still can’t send flowers. Flowers are not limited to conveying romantic messages. It is the perfect and most thoughtful gift for a special anniversary, your mom’s birthday or even mother’s day. All in all, flowers express so many feelings and are always a perfect gift no matter the occasion and place. So whenever you are stranded about what gift you should buy, you can always count on flowers to save your day.

You can use flowers to literally wear your heart on your sleeve. Flowers not only bring joy in our hearts but they can also be used to adorn our clothes. You can pin a fresh flower from the bouquet or basket sent to you on your hair or sleeve of your shirt and this will keep heads turning all day while keeping you in a jolly mood.

Now that you know more about the joy receiving flowers brings, purpose to send flowers on a regular basis to the people you care about especially on special occasions such as birthdays, valentine’s day,  mother’s day, father’s day, weddings, Christmas and any other special occasion that you can think of.

Enjoy the joy of receiving flowers by prolonging their life. Cut the stems in a way that exposes most of the base so that it can absorb more fluid. Instead of using water in the vase, use instead sprite that ensures the flowers stay for a longer time before withering. Spread the joy and send someone some flowers today.