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About Prince Henry Heights Florist Toowoomba

Lily’s Florist Prince Henry Heights has been known for the quality and artistry of its florist delivery service. The Lily’s Florist story is immersed in history – and over the years, the famous and exemplary ‘Lily’s Florist standard’ has been resolutely set and upheld. Today, the standing of our floristry is renown. We employ only skilled, well- taught and experienced florists who are skillfully proficient and who are very competent in all aspects of floristry. Our floral arrangements and bouquets leave our premises in beautiful Lily’s Florist hand-fashioned flower wrappings, vases or boxes that always have our stamp of approval.

Lily’s Florist Prince Henry Heights delivers on the same day to any area of Toowoomba whenever an order is received by 2pm. We have a crew of experienced, well-trained drivers, with some being former florists and all proficient in treating flowers, guaranteeing that our floral gifts reach our recipients in as perfect a condition as when they left our studio. We are well renowned for being able to accommodate last minute requests no matter how extravagant or large they may be. 

Since our opening, we have concentrated on providing the best ever experience in floral delivery possible. Whether we are fashioning a new floral basket or a new posy, we take great care in safeguarding your gift will ultimately be what you really intended it to be and achieve. 

We are artists, first and foremost.  At Lily’s Florist Prince Henry Heights, we love to style, and every new product gives our skilled florists the opportunity to do what they love most: using their imaginations to achieve the most fashionable of design potentials to completion.  Every wedding and any special event is a living, breathing work of art.  Our florist studio always places its best and freshest foot forward … if you know what we mean! After all, we are about quality. Not only do we apply chic styles, but we set supreme industry trends. Unceasingly enthused by opportunities and innovative ideas, whether it comes in the shape of an original hybrid bloom or just an adorable bouquet, Lily’s Florist Prince Henry Heights remains at the head of cutting-edge floral and event design. 

Discover Prince Henry Heights, Toowoomba

Prince Henry Heights is a residential locality positioned 5 kilometres east of the Central Business District of Toowoomba. The term was recognised for the Duke of Gloucester, Prince Henry who, from 1945 until 1947, functioned as Australia’s Governor-General. Well before 1945, the boundary road of the suburb had been identified as Prince Henry Drive. Prince Henry Heights consists of a small inhabited region along Toowoomba’s eastern edge, enclosed by Redwood Park, Jubilee Park and two huge bushland reserves.   

As at the 2006 census, Prince Henry Heights was between the most socio-economically privileged localities of Toowoomba. Inhabitants had a median individual income of $736, in comparison to $448 for the Toowoomba statistical district, and a median family revenue of $1,856 related to $1,116. Prince Henry Heights had a SEIFA score of 1139, putting it ahead of all suburbs, excluding Redwood and Blue Mountain Heights.