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Welcome To Lily's Florist Preston - Toowoomba

Lily’s Florist Preston is a specialist delivery florist doing what we do because we just adore flowers.

This love comes by witnessing even the least of our floral arrangements.

Do you know we love to discover as many different textures, styles and colours as our imaginations can dream up and hand-pick only the freshest of flowers?

With artistically trained florists on staff, Lily’s Florist Preston has built a formidable reputation with its cutting- edge designs over many years working with private clientele as well as the foremost event managers in the industry. Lily’s Florist Preston expresses the language of flowers. We an artistic and personal approach and our forte is our capacity to interpret a client’s wishes and desires into a spectacular floral display.

Lily’s Florist Preston specialises in floral arrangements for special events and functions from weddings with hundreds of guests to intimate dinner parties. We always want to create stunning displays and settings which instill each function with an exclusive ambience. We can attain varied styles such as vintage, classical elegance, traditional, natural organic, modern or avant-garde. An extensive mix of gorgeous colour arrangements can all be employed in the formation of the flawless setting and mood for your special occasion.

Our inspiration at Lily’s Florist Preston is to satisfy our client’s wish, so that each occasion is a memorable and beautiful event for you and your guests.

And we believe it’s best to do one thing really, really good.

Take for example, research – everything Lily’s Florist does depend on a deep understanding of our client. So we begin by discovering what our clients need and want. We then put together new strategies with traditional investigative know-how to guide our strategy and our design of that eventual stunning floral tribute. 

At Lily’s Florist, user research has always been essential to our progression. A universal understanding of our buyer’s world drives our stratagem, design and skill-based decisions. We are committed to learning what customers actually think, do and need in the purchase of floral gifts by observing how they interact with flowers. These perceptions help us to fashion real products and services for you, our valued customer that will make you smile and feel so much better. 

The lifeblood of Lily’s Florist Preston is our people. As a tight-knit team of floral designers and creatives, we are devoted to a culture that nurtures, and a work ethic that brings positive results. 

Discover Preston, Toowoomba

A small suburb to the east of Hodgson Vale and south east of Toowoomba is called Preston. This locality was named in 1999.

The Preston Manor and Preston Village Chapel is situated just a short drive south of Toowoomba in Preston. This superb homestead has wide, shady verandahs that present panoramic views across the outstanding Great Dividing Range. 

Originally built as the Torrington Family Homestead in 1860, it was shifted to its present site in 2006. It was then converted into a modern Manor and Village Chapel with the charm of the past.