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Nature is, with no doubt beautiful, offering amazing things such as lakes, gorgeous valleys, trees, mountains, sceneries and much more. Flowers is among the most stunning and attractive things that nature gives. They provide uniqueness and attractiveness to the areas where they are grown. Different flowers have been assigned different meaning and they are used to help people express their feelings and emotions. This post briefly focuses of some of the most popular flowers.
Alstroemeria : Popularly known as Parrot Lily, Lily of the Incas or Peruvian Lily, Alstroemeria is a native flowering plant to South America. Alstroemeria flowers typically blossom in early summer or late spring. These flowers come in salmon, white, red, purple, rose, pink, orange, or yellow colours. Many modern hybrid alstroemeria plants are propagated in the labs across the globe. The vase life of alstromeria flowers is approximately two weeks. The floral meaning of alstroemeria flowers is fortune, prosperity and wealth. It also symbolizes devotion and friendship.
Amaryllis: Amaryllis bulb is popularly known for its ability to continuously produce flowers up to 75 years. These flowers typically symbolize radiant beauty. Give the stunning amaryllis to that special person who is beautiful from inside out.
Anemone: The name Anemone is derived from a Greek word, meaning wind, thus giving it the name wind flower. This flowering plant grows wildly in Japan, North America, and many European countries. The plant has close relationship with the Hepatica and Pulsatilla plants. Anemone plants are perennial herbs with deeply cut leaves and elongated flower stems. The anemone flowers are available in red, white, yellow and blue colours. This flowering plant is medicinal and usually used to treat emotional stress, menstrual problems and cramps. There are three types of anemone flowers namely Larger Fall flowering type, tuberous Mediterranean, and the spring flowering type. The flower symbolism of anemone is anticipation for good things.
Anthurium: Anthurium is believed to originate from Hawaii and it is among the most popular exotic flowers. Anthurium is said to be the most long-lasting of all the tropical flowers available. It symbolizes hospitality .Ensure you present a flower arrangement containing anthuruims each time you show up as a guest in someone’s home.
Aster: The ancient generations believed that the burning aster leaves would drive the evil serpents away. Today, asters are used to represent element of patience. Many people today send aster flowers to show they appreciate the recipients bearing with them.
Bird of Paradise: Also commonly referred to as the crane flower, bird of paradise name is derived from the appearance of the flowers which resemble the brightly coloured flying birds. Each flower comes with three blue and orange petals with a few varieties having yellow ones. Native to South Africa, this wonderful and strange flower symbolizes joy, magnificent, exciting and wonderful anticipation. You can choose the Bird of Paradise for any celebratory occasion.

Bouvardia: The name of these flowers was derived from a Persian doctor, Charles Bouvardia. Bouvardia flowers originated from Mexico and were introduced to Europe in mid-1800. Bouvard symbolizes a sense of enthusiasm. Appreciate your hard working staff with an arrangement made from bouvradia.
Carnation: Originally belonging to the East, carnations have been grown for over 2,000 years. Carnations, based on the Christian legend, appeared on earth when Jesus carried the cross. It is believed that these flowers sprang up from where the tears of the Virgin Mary fell as she cried over the plight of Jesus. The three most common types of carnations are the perpetual-flowering carnations, border carnations, and the annual carnations. Carnations come in a number of colours making them more popular. Each colour of these flowers has its own meaning. The white carnations symbolizes good luck and pure love, dark red carnations stand for a woman’s affection and deep love, light red ones are for admiration, pink carnations for mother’s love, yellow carnations represent dejection and disappointment, purple ones means capriciousness,  green carnations represent St. Patrick’s Day and the Striped carnations mean refusal or regret.
Chrysanthemum: Originating from the Chinese gardens more than 2,000 years ago, chrysanthemum flowers are acknowledged to symbolize the sun. They represent the essence of fidelity. Ensure you send your spouse these flowers in honour of your wedding anniversary.
Cattail: The flower meaning of cattail is prosperity and peace. The plant of cattails has spongy, starchy, creeping stems and strip-like leaves.

Chrysanthemum: These flowers symbolize long life, joy, optimism, and fidelity. A white chrysanthemum represents loyal love and truth, a red chrysanthemum conveys a message of love, while a yellow one shows slighted love.

Daffodil: Daffodils are believed to originate from the Middle East, Portugal and Spain. Extensively grown by the ancient Greeks, these flowers became unforgettable until 1600. It is generally believed that when daffodils arise from the ground then winter is almost ending and warmer weather is coming. Due to their unmatched beauty, daffodils are some of the most popular flowers in the world. These flowers symbolize chivalry and regard. Daffodils signify eternal life, new beginning and rebirth. A bunch of daffodils symbolizes happiness and joy while a single daffodil foretells a misfortune.

Dahlia: Dahlia is a native flower to Central America, Colombia and Mexico. This flower has almost 36 species with the hybrids popularly cultivated as garden plants. Their beautiful and charming appearance makes Dahlia flowers one of the most popular flowers loved by many people across the globe.
Daisies: Daisies symbolize innocence and purity. These flowers convey loyal love to someone. Gerbera Daisy particularly represents cheerfulness.

Delphinium: Delphinium symbolizes levity, lightness, fun, and big-heartedness. It also shows ardent attachment.

Forsythia: This beautiful flower symbolizes anticipation of an exciting occasion.

Freesia: These are some of the most fragrant flowers in existence. The bulbs of freesia plants are normally cultivated to be used as cut flowers. The freesia flowers are native to South Africa, as well as other tropical African regions. Freesia flower are available in a variety of colours including purple, lavender, mauve, pink, red, orange, golden yellow, white and bicolours. The freesia flowers produce a light, sweet, soap-like floral fragrant, which makes it mostly used in making lotions, soaps, and forth. The floral meaning of freesia flowers is innocence and they are usually added to flower bouquets for gifting on special occasions.
Gardenia: Gardenia signifies sweetness and purity. They symbolize secret love and convey a message of joy. The gardenia flowers tell the receiver that you are lovely.
Gerberas: The gerberas are the third most popular flowers after carnations and roses. They are widely cultivated in South America, tropical Asia, Madagascar and the rest of Africa. These flowers come in a massive array of colours including deep red, brilliant scarlet, pink, orange, light and dark yellow. They are popularly sued in the cut flower industry due to their long vase life. They are perfect flowers used to add colour to any garden or room. They are also popularly known as Gerbera Daisies. The Gerberas are normally used as bedding plants for borders in landscapes as well as cut flowers for table bouquets. These flowers belong to the daisy family and their symbolism is normally associated with the daisy flowers. Gerbera particularly represents cheerfulness.
Gladiolus: Also commonly referred to a s the sword lily or corn lily, gladiolus flowers are available in a wide range of beautiful colours. These flowers are native to South Africa and other sub-Saharan Africa. The beautiful flowers represent honour, faithfulness and strength of character. It also represents remembrance.
Heather Lavender: Heather is among the most popular plants used in landscaping. It is a beautiful flower with a number of uses. The floral meaning of heather is beauty, protection, solitude and admiration.
Hyacinth: Hyacinth belongs to a small group of bulbous flowering plants mostly cultivated in Iran, Turkmenistan, Northern Israel, and South Turkey. Hyacinth is a very beautiful flower that comes in shades of yellow, white, pink, red, purple, and blue. In terms of their general meaning, these flowers symbolize sports, games and rashness. The yellow hyacinth represents jealousy, white is for loveliness, pink or red for play, purple for sorrow, and the blue hyacinth represents constancy.

Hydrangea: These flowers are native to North and South America as well as southern and eastern Asia. The floral meaning of hydrangea is heartfelt emotions. These flowers make ideal addition to an arrangement with a variety of colours as well as a number of beautiful small flowers. The hydrangea flowers are meant to show the receiver that their understanding is appreciated. These flowers can also be used to express rigidity and heartlessness.

Iris: Iris is a Greek word meaning rainbow. They are available different colours, shapes and sizes and their sword-like foliage makes them very beautiful. Irises are hardy perennials and among the most loved garden plants. Although these flowers are emblem of French settlers in Canada, they have many floral meanings including wisdom, eloquence, compliments, faith, passion, purity, valor, hope, and faith. Iris flowers can also be used to show an appreciation of friendship.         
Kangaroo Paw: The Kangaroo Paw flowers originate from Australia. Being a unique flower, Kangaroo Paw flower has specific floral meaning.

Larkspur: Commonly known as “lark’s heel”, the larkspur flowers show lightness or levity. These flowers also indicate haughtiness and fickleness. These flowers are poisonous when consumed and maybe that is why their meaning is fickleness. They make a perfect addition for those people who are hard to live with.

Lilac: The flower meaning of lilacs is confidence and youthful innocence. Purple lilac represents first love, field lilac means charity and white lilac represents innocence and humility.            

Lily: Lily represents refined beauty and purity. Lily of the Valley signifies purity of heart and sweetness, orange lily symbolizes passion, white lily represents virginity and modesty, and the yellow lily represents gaiety. The Easter lily is normally associated with the Virgin Mary.

Orchid: Orchid forms the largest family of flowering plants with over 800 genera and 25,000 species. They are about four times the population of mammals on earth. The floral meaning of orchid is love, refinement and feminine beauty.
Sunflower: The flower meaning of sunflowers is adoration. The name sunflower is associated with their nature of turning their heads to the sun. They belong to the genus helianthus, a symbolism of sun god. They are American native flowers as well as state flowers of Kansas. The lofty heights of sunflowers have made them symbolize haughtiness and adoration. These flowers have been cultivated for over 1,000 years by the Native Americans.
Tulip: Tulip has over 100 species and it belongs to the Liliaceae family. It native range stretches from as far as North Africa, Israel, Southern Europe, Iran and Anatolia to Northwest of China. Many types of tulip flowers are displayed as fresh cut flowers or grown in gardens. The flower meaning associated with tulips is perfect love and fame. He symbolic meaning of tulips also changes with the colour of the flower. Cream coloured tulips says “I’ll forever love you”, yellow tulips says” there is sunshine in your smile,” while the red ones symbolizes a declaration of love. These flowers are the foremost national icon of Holland, competing with windmills and wooden shoes! Lavishly express your love to that special someone with tulips.
Different types of flowers have been associated with different feelings and expressions over a long period of time. However, it is still very hard to assemble a list of flower meanings because one flower has many different connotations based on what it is referring to. In addition, different cultures assign different meanings and qualities to different flowers. Therefore, you will likely get a different flower meaning depending on the geographical location of the person you ask. Although there are specific meanings associated with different flowers types, the meanings can also be heartfelt or personalized. Many people have a tendency of personalizing the experience by giving flower types or colors that come with a specific meaning to the recipient or occasion.

In today’s life, flowers can be bought using various ways.  You can buy flowers so easily within a minute with just a click of a button through internet. Technology has made all things possible and it has generally made things easier, simplifying life to everyone. Nowadays, many people are doing most of their thing online. Majority have taken advantage of sending flowers online as it is easy and convenient. One of the advantages of sending flowers online is that someone can send flowers to their loved one regardless of where they live.