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Embracing the beauty, and wonder of nature is what our team at Lily’s Florist Toowoomba is quiet talented in doing, embracing nature’s beauty, and translating it into a sentence that perfectly reflects whatever it is that you’d like to say to your loved one—the recipient of these perfect posies, but some of these flowers are more popular than others, have you ever wondered why?
The Alstroemeria
Popularly also known as the Parrot Lily; this gorgeous native plant of South America comes in a variety of colours, and symbolizes prosperity, devotion and friendship.
The Amaryllis
This bulb is known for it’s ability to produce flowers for up to 75 years, and symbolizes radiant beauty. It’s a flower that you give to someone who transcends beauty…
The Anemone
The name Anemone is Greek for “Wind Flower,” and this flower itself is medicinal, and used to treat emotional stress, and cramps. This is a flower which symbolizes the anticipation of good things!
The Anthurium
This flower originally comes from Hawaii, and is one of the more gorgeous, and exotic flowers that we have. As a long lasting tropical flower, it symbolizes hospitality, and is perfect to give to guests.
The Aster
Ancient civilizations used to burn aster leaves to drive evil away, but today they represent patience, and are a token of appreciation…
Bird of Paradise
This flower is sometimes called the “Crane Flower,” and is a native of South Africa. It is a flower which symbolizes joy, and anticipation and is used for celebratory occasions.
The Bouvardia
This flower has been named after a Persian doctor, but originated in Mexico. It symbolizes enthusiasm, and is a lovely gesture for hard working staff…
The Carnation
Based on Christian legend, these flowers appeared on earth when Jesus carried the cross, and sprang up from the tears of the Virgin Mary. From a mother’s love to pure love carnations have been known to be the flowers of affection.
The Chrysanthemum
This flower originated in China more than 2000 years ago, and was thought to symbolize the sun. It represents fidelity, and is a lovely blossom to send to your spouse on your wedding anniversary.
The Cattail
An interestingly named flower which represents, and supposed to bestow a great deal of prosperity, and peace on to the recipient.
The Daffodil
These gorgeous flowers are thought to be Middle Eastern, Spanish, and Portuguese. They have an indescribable, and unrivaled beauty which makes them popular throughout the world as symbols of chivalry.
The Dahlia
This is flower is Native to Central America, which manages to enchant its way into people’s hearts—there are almost 36 hybrid species of these gorgeous bloom, which you will find is able to suit anyone’s taste!
The Daisy
These wonderfully cheerful flowers are reminiscent of the innocence of youth. They convey a pure love, and loyalty that is simply hard to find these days…
The Delphinium
This celestial flower is believed to represent the essence of divine qualities. It’s a blossom that symbolizes levity, fun, and joy, and is perfect as a gift for a July birthday.
The Forsythia
This lovely, and timeless flower representing anticipation for good news is a fairly exclusive bloom, as there are only 11 different species of this blossom, and most of them are found throughout Asia.
The Freesia
This flower is native to South Africa, and many other tropical African regions, and is one of the most fragrant flowers which you can add into a bouquet for special occasion, and to give a very distinctive, and sweet aroma.
The Gardenia
This sweet, and pure flower actually symbolizes unrequited love, but still manages to convey a message of contentment. This is a bouquet that tells the recipient that they are the apple of your eye…
The Gerbera Daisy
This is the third most popular flower after roses, and carnations. A flower cultivated all around the world, and found in many fabulous colours. It’s a cheerful flower which doesn’t take itself all too serious. Perfect for a humble friend!
The Gladiolus
A natively South African flower that is playfully referred to as the “Sword Lily,” it rightly represents honour, loyalty, and a very strong character. These are perfect flowers to bid farewell to a loved one who has passed…
The Heather Lavender
The Heather Lavender is beloved amongst those who enjoy taking time out to be alone, and find wonder in the feeling of solitude. It’s a flower that represents protection, and beauty.
The Hyacinth
Found in a variety of colours, with each colour having totally deferring meanings, these indigenously Middle Eastern flowers are said to symbolize sport, and competitiveness, and are a great bouquet for someone who has excelled. 
The Hydrangea
This flower is quiet an interesting “double edged sword,” if you will. On the one hand it’s a flower that speaks about understanding on the other, it speaks about frustration, and being irritated with someone’s personality.
The Iris
It’s a flower which literally means rainbow, but is something that you give to someone as a symbol of a long lasting friendship—perhaps as a token of farewell and faith.
The Kangaroo Paw
A uniquely Aussie flower which has a very distinctive meaning. It’s a flower that has come to symbolize individuality, and is native to only parts of Western Australia.
The Larkspur
This interesting flower is sometimes also called; the “lark’s heel,” and is a flower that symbolizes arrogance, and superficiality. If you ever eat this flower, it’s poisonous.
The Lilac
A youthful, and self-assured flower which not only represents innocence, and humility, this is a flower that you give to someone who cheerfully gives to others, and represents the purity of first love.
The Lily
There’s more to say about the Lily than probably a great deal of blossoms. It’s passionate flower that represents virtue, and purity as well as sweetness.
The Orchid
This is the largest flowering plant—it has over 800 genera, and they are four times the population of mammals. A difficult, and temperamental flower to grow, but its beauty makes its feminine, and refined beauty completely worth it!
The Sunflower
An adorable flower that has always been associated with the sun, and symbolize arrogance, and adoration all in one. A flower that has been adored for thousands of years.
The Tulip
A tulip represents a timeless love that never ends. It’s a flower which not only represents, but declares love, in a way which is not cliché.