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When you visit our website or store, you will be looking to experience something new and exciting. At Lily’s Florist, we admire that judgment, and we will try to create a product for you without neglecting the indispensable values of a good floral gift. 

Discover Mount Rascal, Toowoomba

A small residential suburb of Toowoomba is Mount Rascal which is situated around 12 kilometres for the Central Business District. 

History of the region shows original squatters did not allow aborigines to come to their homesteads for fear of warfare and theft. Some tribes raided stock and were hunted by the stockmen but were frequently unsuccessful in their efforts to catch the 'rascals'. It is assumed that the Aboriginal term for the battle-ground was 'Moyumneura' meaning 'many tomahawks'. This site is now known as Mount Rascal.