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What Lily's Florist Kynoch Does...we sell flowers online!

And we believe it’s best to do one thing really, really good.

We, at Lily’s Florist Mount Kynoch, create experiences that affect people, put a smile on their face, and generally make people’s lives happier.

There are a lot of agencies that do what we do. They share the exact ‘how’ and ‘what’, but our agencies work with us for our ‘who’ and ‘why’. We are makers with imaginative minds and business sense with inspired outcomes, ready to link customers with what concerns them most – a total experience! 

We have a reputation for creating experiences that are immediately compelling, but long-term engaging. Yes, we can create floral experiences that are tailored to your very own sensibilities. 

When you visit our website or store, you will be looking to experience something new and exciting. At Lily’s Florist Mount Kynoch, we admire that, and we will try to create a gift for you without abandoning the vital standards of good floral arrangements. 

And yes, we will drive to our limits by understanding where our customers come from. The presentation we produce will have that extra bit of polish, with a careful selection of fresh-cut flowers that will cause you to lean forward; to immediately catch your breath; and to immediately draw you deeper into that special experience you have longed for in a floral gift.  

Take for example, research – everything Lily’s Florist Mount Kynoch does depends on a deep understanding of our client. So we begin by discovering what our clients need and want. We then put together new strategies with traditional investigative know-how to guide our strategy and our design of that eventual stunning floral tribute.  

At Lily’s Florist Mount Kynoch, user research has always been essential to our progression. A universal understanding of our buyer’s world drives our stratagem, design and skill-based decisions. We are committed to learning what customers actually think, do and need in the purchase of floral gifts by observing how they interact with flowers. These perceptions help us to fashion real products and services for you, our valued client that will make you smile and feel so much better.  

We also know your time is valuable, so when you seek an answer to your question on a flower delivery gift, our word on the block is “fast is better than slow”. We hope we will be the only floral delivery service world-wide where our customers will say “Aha … so quick!” Yes, we aim to please. 

Discover Mount Kynoch, Toowoomba

Just six kilometres north of the Central Business District, Mount Kynoch is a district of Toowoomba. The district logged a population of 161 inhabitants at the 2011 Australian Census.  A trigonometric station called Stony Pinch was originally recognised in 1981 with both the suburb and the 703-metre mountain. The name came from John Kynoch, who was the Shire of Highfields early chairman. Originally, the name was misspelled “Kynock”, however, in 2002, the name was amended to the correct version. The Water Treatment Plant and Mount Kynoch Lookout are situated inside the suburb’s borders.