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Discover Drayton, Toowoomba

Drayton, 6 kilometres south-west of Toowoomba's Central Business District, and previously a pastoral town, is now an outer suburb of Toowoomba. While the place was initially known as The Springs, in about 1842, Drayton commenced as a camping residence close to the intersection of the Westbrook, Eton Vale and Gowrie pastoral stations. Thomas Alford, a European colonist at The Springs, named his house, post office and store ‘Drayton’ after his hometown in Somerset. The name eventually was recognised to the developing township.

Drayton was the region's main place of settlement till the Drayton Swamp was found to be the favoured site which was 6 kilometres to the north-east, because of its damper growing environment. At this stage, Thomas Alford moved to the Swamp and constructed a new home which he called ‘Toowoomba’. The site of Drayton was overtaken later by Toowoomba.

The Bulls Head Inn, almost from its beginning, was Drayton's landmark until it was significantly rebuilt in 1859. It was a building with attics more suitable to temperate climates and quite distinct from a typical Queenslander hotel. Born in Darling Street in 1868, Arthur Hoey Davis was Drayton's 'human landmark'. Davis defined in many novels and yarns the life of Downs selectors, grounded partially on his life at a Greenmount selection. By that time, the railway from Toowoomba detoured the built-up part of Drayton. Eventually, in 1887, Drayton shire was declared.

By 1851, Drayton had a National School, a Church of England by 1859, and by 1884, a portrayal in the Australian handbook which also cited Wesleyan and Catholic churches and two hotels, the Downs and the Criterion. In 1949, Drayton Shire was ended and immersed into the Crows Nest and Cambooya Shires.