Deal Of The Day - Flower Bunch

Deal Of The Day - Flower Bunch

We put the fun into ordering flowers with this newly designed deal bunch of flowers. By fun, we mean that if your mind is boggled at the thought of what to order, then this is definitely the answer for you.

Why order this?

It’s easy, fast to order, you leave the flower choice up to the experts!

What’s in the bunch?

It depends really on what is in stock on the shop, but only use the freshest of flowers in line with the price you have paid!

What can it be sent for?

Pretty much any occasion apart from a funeral or sympathy occasion.

Can I order it to be delivered today?

You sure can, we only ask that you be so kind as to call us with your order, or buy online, before about 150pm the day you would like the flowers to be sent.

What is the most popular size?

Oddly, the medium or Deluxe size, is the most popular - on average.

Can I buy extras like a vase or chocolates to go with this bunch?

Sure you can, you must add to card first of all, then you can choose from our comprehensive list below.