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About us Lily's Florist Darling Heights

Lily’s Florist Darling Heights is a human-centered florist agency that innovates …

We believe in the power of “Well, what if?” And we will work with large or small from all corners of the globe. 

We believe our staff are passionate people, and we always strive for better; so much so, that we’ve helped win the hearts and minds of people …

So, who are you guys, you ask?

Over the years, Lily’s Florist Toowoomba has grown to accommodate the interests of consumers wanting a clear and present floral arrangement, and with that, we come to each new venture as an opening to expand and sharpen our skills while concentrating carefully on our imaginative process and craft of our work to ensure the highest quality product for you. 

If you have an idea … get in touch! We are your ‘One-stop-shop’ for a lasting creation in flowers.

One of the reasons why we shaped Lily’s Florist Darling Heights was to produce a setting for imaginative talent to blossom, while eventually giving our clients the most artistic, innovative and flexible floral designs as possible.

At Lily’s Florist Darling Heights, we know that great aptitude will go a long way, so we trust our florists and give them the chance to blossom – if you know what we mean! And pardon the pun. It’s our directorial viewpoint, our occupational model and our promise. 

Discover Darling Heights, Toowoomba

An outer Toowoomba suburb is Darling Heights with its Local Government Area being the Toowoomba Region. 

Positioned on the west ridge on the southern edge of the city, the land sweeps away sharply to the west to Drayton, the gradient being engaged by separate cottages with a combination of bigger duplexes, homes and smaller sections of units. The majority of these homes are less than 10 years old, with the region typically having formerly been horse paddocks. However, few of these remain today. The businesses and homes in the west section of Darling Heights are recognised as areas of Drayton. The West Creek higher valley towards the east shows the Kearneys Spring suburb. The southern edge of the Darling Heights is a zone of small farms and acreage blocks. Harristown suburb lies to the north.   

The mostly undeveloped region was chosen in the 1960s as the location for the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education, and called 'College Heights'. However, the name was altered in 1966, a year before the opening of the Institute. A local State primary school was opened in 1980, while residential expansion with a mixture of duplexes, low-rise units and detached houses, commenced around the primary school and spread west throughout the 1990s. The Institute turned out to be the University of Southern Queensland in 1992. The region to the south has mainly continued to be rural/residential.

With extra campuses at Hervey Bay, Ipswich and Springfield, the University has 11 schools and two faculties with over 27,000 part-time and full-time students, over 17,500 distance education students and nearly 3,500 International students.