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We are a Toowoomba-wide boutique florist – Thanks for stopping by …

We create experiences in floral design that can transform a frown into a smile and make someone’s life better. Even just for a day.

We pride ourselves on our craft, our process, and our diligent attention to detail. And once you get to know us, you will notice we put quite a bit of time into fostering our relationships with you. Another thing. We believe in punctuality, good manners and charm – and a strong measure of humour to boot! Yes, we are just a dedicated group of people who are focused on what you want. 

Since our beginnings, at Lily’s Florist Cranley, our love for flowers and floral delivery drives who we are and what we do. Every day. And we’ve been on an ambitious journey ever since. We’ve endeavoured to stay true to our core beliefs – to deliver a unique experience in a floral arrangement. And we hope that once you get to know us, you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

Our triumph is not only due to the class of our labour, it’s about to our approach, our attitude, and the way we treat our customers.

The bouquets and arrangements we distribute balance each other in an exclusive way to help our customers feel better about themselves on receiving their gift. Our products set trends – every day. It’s who we are. 

So, welcome to Lily’s Florist’s world. From the outset, we believe the delivery of flowers should be hassle-free, reliable and affordable. Our ambition is to offer unmatched participation and service, no matter what your budget may be.    

We are an enterprise of florists, where we fervently believe that a floral arrangement can be completed for all settings … and we are eager to produce it for you.

At Lily’s Florist Cranley, we like to think we create beautiful floral experiences that make people want to jump up from their seats, run to the door, and smile with joy.

We also like to believe we have three key ingredients for our success: to know our flowers well; to be able to listen to consumers and interact directly; and to accommodate a growing product range – and it all starts with a vision. 

Yes! Lily’s Florist Cranley is a boutique florist serving your town, your country, and around the globe. We offer local, seasonal flowers for events large or small. Our long-standing relationships with flowers ensures that we will bring the best of the best to your front door. Actually, we believe that a floral gift for a special event should be just that – special! 

Discover Cranley, Toowoomba

Cranley is situated 6 kilometres from the Central Business District of Toowoomba. The majority of the land is rural residential with small farms. The Baillie Henderson Hospital is one of the exclusions to this in the south of the region, providing mental health services for the Darling Downs area. There is also the Palm Lake Resort retirement village and a waste water treatment plant.