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Who Is Lily's Flroist Centenary Heights?

Led by a fully Australian owned family, Lily’s Florist Centenary Heights is a boutique brand florist agency where you get to deal directly with the enthused minds of our floral designers. 

We take great delight in ourselves for our procedure, our skills and our devotion to detail so that we can place a lot of time into fostering our associations with our clients. 

We believe in good protocols, charisma and promptness – and a healthy measure of humour. In other words, we take great pride in our work.  

We are flexible, agile, sprightly, adaptive and responsive – just a dedicated group of people who are all across and focussed on you order. Actually, we believe that if we focus on you, our valued customer, all else will follow. 

Since our beginning, we have concentrated on providing the best ever experience in floral delivery possible. Whether we are fashioning a new floral basket or a new posy, we take great care in safeguarding your gift will ultimately be what you really intended it to be and achieve.

You don’t need to look too far to know about flowers and the best floral delivery services. We all realise the world is progressively mobile. You know the scene - people wanting access to data whenever they need it and wherever they may be. 

Well, Lily’s Florist are groundbreaking new expertise and contributing new clarifications for floral delivery that will aid people all over the world to do any quantity of ordering flowers on their phone or from the web, not to mention the many diverse ways to achieve a Google search for Lily’s Florist’s flowers. In addition, we are breaking grounds in fueling greater innovation for Android mobile users, as a free, open mobile platform source.

We at Lily’s Florist Centenary Heights have a high standing for generating understandings that are immediately captivating, but long-term appealing. Yes, we can create a floral experience that is custom-made to your very own deep feelings. 

When you visit our website or store, you will be looking to experience something new and exciting. At Lily’s Florist Centenary Heights, we admire that conclusion, and we will try to fashion an arrangement for you without forsaking the essential values of a good floral gift.   

Why not check out Lily’s Florist Centenary Heights … and there you have it! 

Discover Centenary Heights, Toowoomba

With a population of approximately 6,000 inhabitants, Centenary Heights is situated 4 kilometres from the Central Business District of Toowoomba. 

Settlement of the region begins from the mid 1800s, even though inhabitants were minimal until the late 1800s. Noteworthy growth did not happen until after the war, with swift development from the late 1950s into the mid 1970s. From the early 1990s, the population declined somewhat, a result of slight change in dwelling stock and a decline in the typical number of people living in each home. 

Key features of the region include Ballin Park, Adam Horner Park, Emmerson Park, East Creek Reserve, Thoms Park, Harwood Park and several schools.