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What We Do …

We, at Lily’s Florist Blue Mountain Heights, generate experiences that touch people, put a smile on their face, and generally make their lives cheerier. 

Take for example, research – everything Lily’s Florist Blue Mountain Heights does depend on a deep understanding of our client. So we begin by discovering what our clients want and need. We then combine new tools with traditional research expertise to guide our strategy and our design of that eventual stunning floral tribute. 

At Lily’s Florist Blue Mountain Heights, user research has always been essential to our progression. A universal understanding of our buyer’s world drives our stratagem, design and skill-based decisions. We are committed to learning what customers actually think, do and need in the purchase of floral gifts by observing how they interact with flowers. These perceptions help us to fashion real products and services for you, our valued client that will make you smile and feel so much better. 

We also know your time is valuable, so when you seek an answer to your question on a floral delivery gift, our word on the block is “fast is better than slow”. We hope we will be the only flower delivery service world-wide where our customers will say “Aha … so swift!” 

 Since our beginning, we have concentrated on providing the best ever experience in floral delivery possible. Whether we are fashioning a new floral basket or a new posy, we take great care in safeguarding your gift will ultimately be what you really intended it to be and achieve.  

Discover Blue Mountain Heights, Toowoomba

A small suburb in the Toowoomba region via the New England Highway is Blue Mountain Heights, situated 7 kilometres from the Central Business District. 

In May 1975, Blue Mountain Heights was acknowledged from the name of a hotel which was called the Blue Mountain Estate. At the 2006 Census, this suburb was among the most fortunate of the Toowoomba suburbs with residents having a median individual income of $585 in comparison to the rest of the Toowoomba district of $448.

Occupation of the region dates back to the mid-1800s, with land used chiefly for timber-milling and grazing. An amount of expansion took place throughout the late 1800s, helped by the growth in the timber and dairy industries and the opening of the railway line in the late 1860s. Until the late 1980s, growth was negligible when the region developed as a northern expansion of Toowoomba, chiefly in Blue Mountain Heights and Highfields. From the early 1990s, speedy development continued with the inhabitants more than tripling between 1991 and 2011; this being a consequence of huge numbers of new homes being added to the zone. 

Key features of the region include Highfields Plaza, Highfields Village Shopping Centre, Danish Flower Art, Highfields Pioneer Village, Highfields Fitness & Recreation Centre, the James Byrne Centre, Spring Bluff (historic) Railway Station, Kalimna Park, Highfields Cultural Centre, Harris Park, Kuhls Oval, Kratzke Oval, Kuhls Road Sports Centre, Michael Park, Nugent Park, Mountain View Park, Peacehaven Park, Koojarewon Lutheran Camp, Williams Park and numerous schools.