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About Us

Lily’s Florist Birnam is your number 1 Toowoomba florist, and have a reputation for creating experiences that are immediately compelling, but long-term engaging. Yes, we can create floral experiences that are tailored to your very own sensibilities. 

When you visit our website or store, you will be looking to experience something new and exciting. At Lily’s florist Birnam, we know that and we will try to create a flower arrangement for you without abandoning the critical standards of a stunning floral design. 

And yes, we will drive to our limits by understanding where our customers come from. The presentation we produce will have that extra bit of polish, with a careful selection of fresh-cut flowers that will cause you to lean forward; to immediately catch your breath; and to immediately draw you deeper into that special experience you have longed for in a floral gift. 

We blend design seamlessly with efficacy because there are a lot of agencies that do what we do. They share the exact ‘how’ and ‘what’, but our agencies work with us for our ‘who’ and ‘why’. We are imaginative minds and makers with business sense and inspired outcomes, ready to link customers with what concerns them most – a total experience! And we devote our days by honing the tools of our floral trade. 

Below is the substance of our principles for all the decisions made within the walls of our florist shops:

Mindfulness – to exercise a distinction in coherent understanding of our customers 

Simplicity – to distil a meaningfulness and balanced approach

Authenticity – to be vulnerable and genuine

Drive – to keep doing what we love

Adventure – to take risks and embrace what the outcome reveals

Appreciation – to dwell a little on the worthy conclusion

The lifeblood of Lily’s Florist Birnam is our people. As a tight-knit team of floral designers and creatives, we are devoted to a culture that nurtures, and a work ethic that brings positive results. 

And we believe it’s best to do one thing really, really good.

We, at Lily’s Florist Birnam, create experiences that affect people, put a smile on their face, and generally make people’s lives happier.

Take for example, research – everything Lily’s Florist Toowoomba does depends on a deep understanding of our client. So we begin by discovering what our clients want and need. We then combine new tools with traditional research expertise to guide our strategy and our design of that eventual stunning floral tribute. 

Discover Birnam, Toowoomba

Located approximately 9 kilometres from the Central Business District of Toowoomba is the small suburb of Birnam. Localities close to Birnam are Cawdor, Gowrie Junction, Cranley and Blue Mountain Heights.

The Birnam region is named a railway station, which came originally from the village of Birnam in Scotland. In February 1999, the boundaries were recognised then later amended in 2005. 

Being part of the Darling Downs, the Indigenous tribes of the Giabal, Jagera and Jarowair clans inhabited the area for around 40,000 years before European settlement. The whole region of the Darling Downs was initially known as the ‘Upland Area’.