“Oh, that’s lovely!”

“How nice!”

“Isn’t this wonderful?”

Those are just a few of the many exclamations when one sees a charming flower arrangement. Flowers are beautiful by itself, that is why artisan florists more than eager to spread its beauty by making an art out of one of nature’s finest gifts.

In every movie, we get intrigued by the behind-the-scenes moments. Being a part of it makes us more connected to the film, like we were a part of it. How about with flowers? We bet you are as curious what goes behind each handcrafted gift that you send to your family and friends. Ever wondered how an art comes out of a cluster of petals, leaves, stems, and twigs?

Let’s find out together!

Fab 4 Steps in Flower Arrangement

We’ll be honest, each florist has his or her own trademark style when it comes to arranging flowers; but hey, they still use these basic steps and do a little tweaking on the side for originality.

The materials use here are simple, you will only need a sharp pair of scissors, a vase, and of course a mix of your most loved flowers.

1. Cut the stem of your flowers at 45 degrees. Groom it by taking off any foliage which goes beyond the water line as this could produce bacteria.

2. Add some green foliage as base. You can use oak leaves or olive branches, whichever fits your chosen flowers. Since this is the base, you can position the leaves and branches in different directions to create texture.

3. Now is the time for you to put in some small flowers to accentuate the foliage. One of the popular choices is Baby’s Breath. Others are Hypericum Berries, Queena Anne’s Lace, and statice.

4. After the small blossoms, you can now add the main blooms. This one’s easy to do because you will only insert it in the empty spaces in your foliage but do not crowd it too much. Leave healthy spaces for better overall appearance.

5. Smile and appreciate the beauty that is flowers.

No time to practice these steps? No problem, we got your covered. Our collection of flower arrangements is lovingly handcrafted by our florists with designs that can truly capture the heart of your recipient.

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